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In woods of God Realization – 471

From “In woods of God Realization” Granth –

The Sacred Syllable OM
(Lecture delivered at the Hermetic, Brotherhood Hall, San Francisco, on December 22, 1902)

My Alter Egos, My Other Selves,

According to a well-established Law of Psychology, in order to be conscious of one thing we must have something different beside it. When there is no duality in the mind, then all object-consciousness is at rest and thus the point of inspiration is reached.

When Tennyson is Beyond all idea of Lord Tennyson, then alone is he the poet Tennyson. When Berkeley is no proprietary, copyrighting Bishop, them alone is he the thinker Berkeley. When Hume is above his personality which the biographer proclaims, then alone is he the philosopher Hume. When Huxley is not the historian’s Huxley and is the all, as it were, then is he the Scientist Huxley.

When some grand and wonderful work is done through us, it is folly to take the credit for it, because when it was being done, the credit-seeking ego was entirely absent, else the beauty of the deed should have been marred. The consciousness of ― ‘I am doing’ was altogether absent. The thing came from God of its own self. Thus we see that these people, thinkers or great writers, whoever they may be, if we take their judgment, their opinion when at their best, they are found lecturing and preaching by their acts, nay through every pore of their body, that the world is unreal.

Acts speak louder than words. In battle we see great warriors and great heroes; being at their best they go on fighting; bullets fly thick and fast all about them, here is a bullet, there is a wound; blood gushes from their bodies; their bodies are torn to pieces, still they press on and on; in such a state pain is no pain. Why? Because practically the body is no body and the outside world no world. In the language of Energy he is giving a lie to the world and body. Thus your Napoleon, your Washington, your Wellington, and all others tell you through their acts, in spite of the belittling intellect they tell you that when the real Self, which is all Energy, asserts itself, the world is naught. The real Self, which is Knowledge Absolute and Power Absolute, is the only stern reality, before which the apparent reality of the world melts away.

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