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In woods of God Realization – 472

From “In woods of God Realization” Granth –

The Sacred Syllable OM
(Lecture delivered at the Hermetic, Brotherhood Hall, San Francisco, on December 22, 1902)

My Alter Egos, My Other Selves,

What makes the arms of the warrior strong? It is coming into unison with the stern, hard and fast reality of the true Self.

What causes so many discoveries and inventions to be suggested to the mind? Simply the intellect or mind’s absorption for a short time in the hard, stern reality of the real Atman, God, That you are, Ye are that Reality, Ye are the Light of the Universe, the Lord of lords, the Holy of holies, the Highest of the high.

In the mantram OM (A-U-M), the first letter, A stands for this stern Reality, your Self, as underlying and manifesting the illusory material world of the wakeful state, U represents the psychic world, and the last letter M denotes the Absolute Self as underlying the chaotic state and manifesting itself as all the Unknown.

When chanting OM, the wise have to concentrate their attention and put forth feelings in realizing their Self to be the stern Reality which manifests the three worlds and also destroys the three worlds, just as the sun reveals the colors at sunrise or dawn and also absorbs them back into himself before noon.

These worlds are phenomenal. In your dreaming state you see a wolf and fear that the wolf will devour you; you are frightened but it is not a wolf that you see, it is yourself. So Vedanta tells you that even in the wakeful state it is ―Ye that are the enemy or the friend. Ye are the sun and the pond in which the sun is reflected. Ye are the lamp and the moth. The bitterest enemy that ye have, ye are that enemy, nobody else. While chanting OM, you have to work your mind up to such a pitch of realization of this fact that all jealousy and ill-will may be rooted out of the mind, may be voted out. Weed out this idea of separateness. The figure and form of the friend or foe is a mere dream. You are the friend and you are the foe. Are the things you did yesterday with you today? Are they not a dream? They are gone. The things of yesterday – where are they, are they not gone? In this sense also the experience of the wakeful state is a dream; the experience of the dream state is a dream. The real, the hard cash, the stern reality, the real Self, is behind them. Realize that.

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