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In woods of God Realization – 477

From “In woods of God Realization” Granth –

Lecture 7
(Lecture delivered at the Hermetic Brotherhood Hall, San Francisco, on December 24, 1902)

My Alter Egos, My Other Selves,


Rama wants to say a few words about Moses. When Moses heard a voice in the bush, he found a hissing snake beside him. Moses was frightened out of his wits; he trembled; his breast was throbbing; all the blood almost curdled in his veins; he was undone. A voice cried unto him, ― ‘Fear not, O Moses; catch the snake; hold it fast; dare, dare to catch hold of it.’ Moses trembled still and again the voice cried unto him, ― ‘Moses, come forth, catch hold of the snake.’

Moses caught hold of it and lo, it was a beautiful and most splendid staff. Now, what is meant by this story? The snake (sanp) stands for Truth (sanch). You know according to the Hindus and other Orientals, Truth or Final Reality is represented by the snake (Shesh). The snake coils up itself in a spiral form, making circles within circles, and puts its tail back into its mouth. And so we see in this world we have circles within circles; everything repeating itself by going round and round and extremes meeting. This is a universal law or principle which runs through the whole universe.

To catch hold of the snake means to put yourself boldly into the position of the wielder of Divine Law, or Ruler of the Universe. Put yourself boldly in that position and realize your oneness with Divinity.

Moses belonged to a tribe living in slavery. The Jews were badly off in those days. They were driven from their country and had become wanderers. Owing to the numerous persecutions to which they had been subjected, it was but natural for them to believe in a God who was a tyrant out and out; a God who was a perfect autocrat.

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