Satsang Bhawan


Satsang Bhawan, Ambala City, known as “Veer Ji Ki Kutia” is situated near Dhulkot Railway Station.  Satsang Bhawan is not just a building of bricks & stones but a light house for thousands of strayed souls.  Now it has assumed the status of a place of pilgrimage.  It stands for the mission of Veer ji (Swami Geetanandji) guiding us how to live happily in the world and how to leave this world happily as Lord Krishna Himself says in the Bhagvad Geeta:

“brahmanyadhaya  karmani  sangan  tyaktva  karoti  yah !

Lipyate  na  sa  papena  padammapatramivambhasa “  (ch.V/10)

(He, who acts, offering all actions to God, and shaking off all attachment, remains untouched by  sin, as the lotus- leaf by water.)

Though named Satsang Bhawan, still it is popularly known as “Veer Ji Ki Kutia”.  The only reason being that this is the only place where many agonized & tormented souls were soothed & comforted by Veerji’s divine and selfless love, not temporarily but for ever.  Infact the burning desire of thousands for such a place culminated in the form of Satsang Bhawan.  As the fact is:  “As the demand so the supply”.  Satsang Bhawan, as a place of pilgrimage, stands for the practical aspect of the Gospel of the Bhagwad Geeta.  This place consecrates with the heavenly voice of Lord Krishna in the form of divine verses of Geeta Ji.  Here we find the verses of Geeta Ji engraved on walls reminding us of the guiding principles of life and at the same time conveying the message of Lord Krishna even to the passers- by.

Satsang Bhawan is a witness to the history created by Veer Ji with his stay over here for more than 50 years, leading a life entirely dedicated to the Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta.  Veer ji not only practiced and preached Geeta ji but also became an embodiment of it. In Satsang Bhawan, with his unseen but ever felt presence, Veer ji is and will continue to guide thousands of seekers of GOD, with his discourses showing them the path of Self- Realization.