Shri Krishan


Vanshi vibhushit karanav niradabhat, Pitambarat Arun bimb faladharoshthat.
Puran indu Sundar Mukhat Arvind Netrat, Krishanaat Aparam kim api Tatvaham Na Jane.

(Lord Krishna- with flute in His hands, cloud-colored, attired in Pitamber (yellow dress),with red lips and a   radiant face like a full moon, with eyes like full bloomed lotus, is my deity.  I know only Him and none else.)

Shri Krishna– what an essence, charm  and magnetism this name has got, can be realized only by the one who has tasted the divine bliss by reciting this name with all love. In fact, bliss of love for Lord Krishna is such that, after tasting it for once, one craves for the divine vision of Lord Krishna. Devotees too have worshiped Lord Krishna in different forms according to their feelings. Some adore Krishna in the form of a child with Mother Yashoda, some other are captivated by the Radha – Krishan form, some are enthralled by Krishna as Murlidhar playing upon flute, whereas some  are bewitched by Krishna as Gopal. As Gosain Tulsidas says:

Jaki rahi bhavana jaisi,  Prabhu Murat dekhi tin taisi.
(One gets the vision of God according to one’s feeling)

 But Veer ji, you, viewed Lord Krishna in a different and distinct form, a form which is a unique paradigm in itself. Undoubtedly you were always influenced by Lord Krishna, His incarnation, His divine life on this earth but the aspect which really possessed you was the Jagat Guru – Lord Krishna as the World’s Greatest Teacher.

You strongly believed that Lord Krishna incarnated himself and came on this earth for the amelioration of humanity. And for this He gave us the divine gift of Shrimad Bhagvad Geeta. As Veer ji used to hum frequently:

Tino loko ke malik hote hue, Rath chalana tumhara gazab dha gaya
Ik to avtar tumhara kuch kam na tha, Uspe Geeta sunana gazab dha gaya.

In fact, Shrimad Bhagvad Geeta is an invaluable boon of Lord Krishna for every man desirous of his Kalyna or  Salvation. The need of the hour is development of intellect. Modern young generation can be better taught with logic and reason than with emotions. And it intensifies the need to worship Lord Krishna as Jagat Guru (the World Teacher) than in any other form. Veer ji too could never take things for granted unless satisfied logically. Its because of this only that your mind was inclined towards Lord Krishna as Jagat Guru(world teacher), with the Bhagvad Geeta as a light- house for the agonized and bewildered modern generation. With this form in your eyes, you resolved to have His divine vision  in this very form-  Lord Krishna holding Bhagvad Geeta in one hand and the other hand raised to bless us. Veer ji pleaded to his nearest & dearest Krishna:

Tum hath me Geeta thame raho, aur varad hast dikhate raho.
Tum samne mere muskarate raho, main geeton se tumko rijhata rahun.
Tum baat hi baat me rutha karo, main minnate kar ke manata rahun.
Tum hath me Geeta thame raho, aur varad hast dikhate raho.
Me prem aur masti me bhar kar prabhu, tere shaloko ko tujhko sunata rahun.
Tere naurani roop ne Bhagwan mere, iss mann ko to bhavara bana hi diya.
Tum achal avastha me khade raho, main bhavare ko ras chusata rahun.
Tum hath me Geeta thame raho, aur varad hast dikhate raho.

Without any delay Lord Krishna had to reciprocate to the call of your pure heart over-whelmed with His love. As devotees sing:

Prabal prem ke pale pad kar, Prabhu ko niyam badalte dekha.
Apna maan bhale reh jaye, par bhakt maan nahi talte dekha.

Very soon you were blessed with the grace of Lord Krishna and you had His divine vision in that very form- Lord Krishna holding Shrimad Bhagvad Geeta ji in one hand and the other hand raised to bless us. In that celestial moment, your soul became one with your beloved Krishna.